Luma AI Mod APK Download (Premium Unlocked) Free For Android 2024


The digital world of 3D Drone Shot Video creation is advancing to new heights. Unlock the Luma AI APK powerful app and evolving AI tools with highly advanced features NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) that allow users to create captivating 3D scenes with unprecedented ease on their Android and iOS mobile phones. Download the latest version of the Luma AI APK For Android (Mod/Premium Unlocked), and Unleash Your creativity now.


Mechanism Of Luma AI APK

Imagine capturing landscapes around in high-quality resolution, high-efficiency rate, and stunning visuals, Lifelike 3D. Forget your old traditional methods confined to flat screens, your precious memories, and travel videos could look mesmerizing and into fully enthralling virtual space. Thanks to Luma AI APK, Which is unleashing your creativity to the next level. You can transform your simple videos into 3D Drone shots instantly. 

AI (Artificial intelligence) is emerging rapidly, and new software is taking its place in every field. Whether it’s a real-time image generator, Text-to-Vidso, effortless Upscaling & enhancing, and more, AI is evolving everywhere. So, no more flat screens. You can turn your simple videos into drone photography using your Android and iOS, and you can experience it at your fingertips using the latest version of the Luma AI APK app.

Whether You are a professional content creator, a casual hobbyist, or someone who wants to create and capture captivating memories in 3D drone footage. Luma AI APK allows their powerful tools to be used in your hand to create all of this within seconds. Developed by Lumalabs, and can be found to Download its Latest Version For Android and iOS mobile phone devices.

So, Record your videos from different aerial views, Upload them into the Luma AI App, and transform them into stunning 3D drone footage instantly for free.

What is Luma AI APK?

The Popularity of the Luma AI App is growing rapidly because it has a plethora of features such as 3D drone footage generation, text-to-video, AI rendering, Genie, and more that are available for free use. To experience and use all of this, you have to access their official Website, which is available in web format. It can be quite convenient for those users who are using Android smartphones and Want to unleash their creativity using the Luma AI App.

However, it is currently available for download on iOS and iPad smartphones. But, not for others. So, how can Android users download it? So, why all the fun for iOS users? That’s why we come with Luma AI APK, developed by third-party websites. You can download its latest version for Android. It is easily Compatible, has a user-friendly interface, and works smoothly on low-end and high-end mobile devices.

So, Unlock the wide library of features Using The Luma AI APK For Android now. Whether you are a Professional content creator, a YouTube video maker, or a company that wants to add 3D drone footage in their advertisement, all you can simply do is put the Luma AI at your fingertips. Now, your problem is having a drone fixed because you are going to get these features for free in the Luma AI APK Latest Version App.

How Does Luma AI Work?

Luma AI APK Image1
Luma AI APK Image2
Luma AI APK Image

The highly advanced AI tools of the Luma AI can transform your 2D videos into stunning 3D drone footage visuals instantly. It is based on the concept of machine learning, mainly using a newly advanced technique called Neural Radiation Fields (NeRF) to turn your 2D captured videos into 3D models. Here are the step-by-step guides on how the Luma AI App works.

Capture Objects

  • Luma AI APK app offers various types of wide-angle capture modes to make your work more simple. 
  • You can unleash your creativity while walking around the objects or elements, or you can capture your precious memories and photos from low, medium, and high angels.
  • Upload Your Videos: You have to upload your captured videos or series Sets of photos to the Luma AI tools to unlock the full potential of its magic.

AI Processing With NeRF

Here is the magic of Luma AI, where a NeRF, a new tech in the industry, will analyze your 2D videos from different angles and work on the color gradient to understand the aspect ratio. 

It mainly generates intricate mathematical functions to understand the whole scenario of your uploaded videos, which will go through many steps. It especially checks for how light interacts with the objects’ interface.

  • 3D Drone Footage Generation: Based on the highly advanced techniques of NeRF, The Luma AI will generate captivating 3D videos in detail using your uploaded videos. 

Export Your Project

  • If you are satisfied with the Luma AI-generated results or don’t want further Enhancement, you can now download your 3D creation drone shots into various formats. 
  • Compatible with different software and 3D printing applications. After that, you can share it on your social media platforms, in the forum community, and in your video works, too.

Unlock Epic Features Of Luma AI APK

The latest New version of the Luma AI app is not just about powerful tools that generate only 3D drone footage, text-to-video, and others. Its plethora of features allows you to unlock your innovative ideas. 

From its user-friendly interface to its highly advanced 3D video and image generator using the technique NeRF with different modes. Whether you are a seasoned or new, It allows all types of users. So, Fill your bowl with your favorite foods, because Now You can explore its highly advanced features, the Luma AI app’s unique concepts, and game changers in 3D video creation using Android and iOS smartphones for free.

AI-Powered 3D Video

Luma AI is based on machine learning concepts to create a crystal-clear masterpiece of 3D drone footage from your uploaded images and 2D videos. It will work on various aspects to analyze the intricate information, reflections from the objects, and lightning effects to understand the color gradient easily.

Video Stabilization

Capturing videos on your Android, and iOS mobile can be easier because We are doing this daily, and Also, It is the main functionality of the Luma AI app. Where It will work to analyze the video and give commands to run its new techniques and AI models to stabilize the videos and generate perfect shots.

Photorealistic Quality

Luma AI highly advanced AI-powered tools work differently from unmatched high-quality as compared to the old  3D scanning process, which will result in high-resolution 3D drone footage creation. All you can experience on your Android and iOS mobile screen.

Text-to-3D Generation

This is the newly released feature of the Luma AI APK app’s latest version, where you have to give a description prompt for its powerful AI tools. That will work on it. After that, 3D allows you to generate 3D drone photography models just from your simple word prompt.

Real-time Rendering

To activate a highly efficient rate in your workflows, The Luma AI offers new features that allow you to render your 3D projects in real time. That will make your work effortless for Upscaling & enhancing the images and uploaded videos. It is the main advantage of using Luma AI APK.

Augmented Reality

When you access its dashboard using the Luma AI APK Latest Version, you will get augmented reality features in the top right corner. You can adjust your hand movements to capture masterpiece videos and further transform them into 3D drone footage instantly.

If you are looking to create drone footage using powerful AI tools like Luma AI, then you can go through the above features to unlock its full potential, use it in works, and Unleash your creativity to create 3D video generation for free. So, Take one step forward in the future and look at what masterpieces you can create using Luma AI’s powerful tools.

How To Use the Luma AI App?

Luma AI Tutorial

The Luma AI powerful tools allow you to create stunning 3D drone footage using your Android and iOS smartphones. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the Luma AI.

Become A Luma AI Master

Buckle Up: If you are using Luma AI, where you are going to access highly advanced, powerful AI Tools, then you don’t need to have costly equipment or a drone. Just your Android or iOS smartphones and a little bit of landscapes. Avoid capturing the videos in shadow areas.

Capture Videos Like A Pro

  • Smooth Camera Movement: To get the best results of the Luma AI 3D creation, slowly move your camera steadily while capturing the shots. Avoid rotating phones and fast movement.
  • Capture From Multi Angel: Image the objects or person when you will capture perfect shots. Take Video from multiple angles and different heights.

Download & Install Luma AI APK

As we know, It is still available in web format and iOS. So, you can download the latest version of the Luma AI APK from the website.

  • Launch the app, and create your account.
  • Go through its basic capture tutorials to get the best results.
  • After that, Follow the prompt to put your objects in the best frame rate and capture your videos from three angles: Chest View, Above the overhead, and low looking up.

From Capture To Captivated 3D FPV

Luma AI APK Image3
Luma AI APK Image4
Luma AI APK Image5

  • Upload Your Projects: Let the Luma AI App begin its magic with the help of the technique NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields), Where Its AI tools process your stunning 3D Videos.

Be Pro Editor

  • Export Your Projects: It allows its users to export masterpiece 3D drone footage in various formats. That can be used in any other software for further enhancement.
  • Become an Editor: Luma AI allows users to directly edit their videos using the highly advanced editor in the app.
  • Camera Control: It has a wide variety of pre-made camera movements that will make your work easier for quick enhancement or you can create your different paths for a Unique blend of FPV (First Person View) experience.
  • Keyframe: Use the Luma AI keyframes to transform your videos into masterpieces where you can Animate the camera and create mind-blowing FPV sequences.
  • First-Person Perfections: Adjust your capturing view at your convenience to get a stunning first-person perspective.

Take Your 3D Videos To Another Level

After getting the best results from the Luma AI powerful tools, You can export your 3D drone photography, and share it on your social media handles or also, or You can use it in any other 3D software.

Above is a detailed breakdown of How to use the Luma AI App. So, With regular practice, You can be a master of AI powerful tools, Where You can generate stunning FPV 3D videos for free. So, Charge up your phone, Unleash your Innovative creativity Ideas, and get ready to experience the world with the Luma AI APK App with a new point of view.

Luma AI APK Download Latest Version For Android


Ready to capture the world in stunning 3D Videos? Then, Use the give below official link website for Luma AI APK Download the Latest Version Free For Android. After that, Immerse yourself in the wide variety of libraries where the plethora of intricate features of powerful AI Tools is waiting for you. That can create your works even faster, and in high-resolution videos absolutely for free.

Forget the old traditional methods for creating drone footage, because the evolving Power of Luma AI APK For Android allows you to capture, upscale & enhance, edit like a pro, and export your works in various formats using its app. So, begin your journey now and Download the Luma AI Mod APK Latest Version.

How To Download Luma AI APK For Android?

Open your daily use browser, and Tap on the Search bar area.

  • Type “LumaAIAPK.Com” there, and hit the search button.
  • Once you reach the official website, Locate the Download button. After getting it, Tap on it.
  • After that, the Downloading process will begin. You can see the progress in the browser download section.
  • Wait for its completion. Once the downloaded process is completed. This means that It is ready for Install on Android phones.

How To Install Luma AI APK In Android?

  • After downloading the Luma AI APK File, Open the browser download section in your browser.
  • Find the Downloaded File. After getting it, Tap on it.
  • You will be prompted to enable the “Allows from this sources” Option. Tap on the “Settings” Option, and enable it.
  • After that, Installation will begin automatically. Wait for its completion.
  • Once the Luma AI APK is installed. It will be added to your app section.
  • Go to your app area, find Luma AI, and Tap on it to Launch the App. Create an account, and Start your journey to generate 3D drone footage videos.

By following the above step-by-step guide, You can download the Luma AI APK Latest Version Free For Android, and Install it. Now, it is time to Begin your journey and Unleash your creativity to create masterpiece 3D FPV videos.

System Requirements For Android

Luma AI APK Download Free For iOS

As we know,  You can not use Luma AI APK on iOS or iPad, because It is mainly developed, and carefully crafted for Android mobile. To download the Luma AI App for iOS, You have to follow the given below step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the App Store, and Open the Search bar.
  • Type “Luma AI” in the search bar, and hit the search button.
  • You will get the official app in the results section. Tap on it, and go to the main page.
  • You will be prompted to use your Apple ID or Face to begin the downloading process.
  • After that, Tap on the “Get” button to begin the downloading process.
  • You can see the progress of it there.
  • Once the download is completed. The Luma AI App installation process will start. Wait for its completion.
  • Once successfully Installed. Tap on the app, and Launch it, Start using it for your work.

System Requirements For iOS

Additional Features Of Luma AI APK

The features of Luma AI do not end here. It has some additional ones that can enthrall Your work. It allows users to import 2D captured videos, and turn them into 3D drone footage, unlocking a wide library of doors for captivating storytelling and 3D scene creations. 

Luma AI APK integrates with a highly advanced, and powerful AI Tools engine, Unleashing its full potential of 3D videos into game development. Here is the breakdown of its additional features.

  1. Mobile App: A unique blend of design, and carefully crafted Luma AI mobile app allows their users to capture 3D scenes on their Android, and iOS phones, Experience all of this at your fingertips that looks more realistic.
  2. Users-Friendly Interface: Luma AI offers easy-to-use powerful AI Tools with the help of a user-friendly interface, which is easily Compatible with low-end and high-end mobile devices. It offers 3D drone footage creation on your mobile screen and eliminates the need for costly equipment.
  3. Accessibility: Anyone who has an Android, and iOS mobile can access the Luma AI App interface, making 2D videos to 3D creation more convenient, and easy for a wider audience. Also, It helps you to enhance your creativity.
  4. Game Engine Compatibility: The newly added features in the Luma AI APK allow users to export their 3D projects into various formats, and use them in any game engine. Making game developers more easier, and efficient.
  5. Configurable Workflow: The Luma AI App also offers effortless Upscaling and enhancement of your captivated 3D captured videos within its editor. Where You can give the final touch, and transform your project into a masterpiece.
  6. Luma AI – Genie: Genie is the newly added advanced feature of the Luma AI, where users can transform their simple text prompt, images,  and even sketches into a 2D game Instantly. This is going to take the game development process to the next level after making the whole procedure easier, faster, and reliable.

Pros And Cons Of Luma AI APK

Also, The Evolving Luma AI App comes with strengths and weaknesses that Make it unique and different from other Artificial intelligence tools. Which you should know. So, Here are the pros and cons of the Luma AI APK Latest Version.


  • Easy 3D Video Creation: The highly advanced techniques of NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) of the Luma AI allow users to capture 3D videos using their Android and iOS smartphones. This neglects the use of costly equipment, and advanced software applications, making 3D creation easier for everyone.
  • High-Quality Rendering: The Powerful AI tools of the Luma AI APK work based on its cutting-edge technology to generate realistic 3D drone footage without any costly equipment. It analyses the full details of the uploaded videos, their reflection, and color gradient lighting. 
  • Diverse Applications: The generated stunning 3D scenes by the Luma AI can be used for various purposes like social media content creation, YouTube video making, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual effects (VFX), and the realms of game development.
  • Free-to-use: The Luma AI App is now free to use for all. So, Capture your 3D videos, and Unleash your creativity using its powerful AI Tools.
  • Compatible: It works smoothly on both low-end and high-end Android phones and is officially available to download on iOS from the App Store.


  • Early Access: Despite Luma AI’s huge demand and popularity, Still it is in development mode which can lead to a lack of functionality and some in-app bugs that can slow down your work. 
  • Handling Intricate Scenes: The powerful AI Tools of the Luma AI App can face struggle while capturing complex 3D videos with high levels of occlusion (hidden objects),  crystal clear transparency, and motion blur.
  • Ethical and Legal Concerns: Allowing users to use their captured 3D scenes should be mentioned with clear guidelines so that They can’t face any copyright issues in the future.
  • Privacy and Security Risks: There can be chances that Stunning 3D captured videos by the Luma AI users or the generated models by its AI Tools might be uploaded or shared without clear guidelines and knowledge.

Best Tips To Record Videos For Luma AI

Struggling to capture perfect 2D videos to transform them into 3D scenes using Luma AI tools? Then, Don’t worry, because We have a proper Step-by-step guide for this. As we know, capturing stunning 2D videos for your project is the main part where You have to focus on various aspects to get the desired results as per your choices. But, If you made some mistakes while capturing videos to convert them into drone footage using Luma AI APK, then You will not get the best results.

So, Go through these simple guides that will help to capture stunning high-quality videos that can be imported to the Luma AI APK powerful tools to convert them into 3D drone footage videos instantly. Now, Take a deep dive to experience all of this on your Android, and iOS phones, with smooth workflow, and efficiency, and get the desired results from Luma AI.

  1. Slow & Steady Win The Race: Always keep in mind that Capturing videos in slow motion to convert them into 3D scenes using Luma AI is King. So, Move your camera slowly, and record captivating videos. Avoid swinging or moving faster if you want to get the best results.
  2. Multiple Angles Are Key: Drone footage is taken from multiple angles to make it more attractive, and engaging. So, If it is possible, then capture your videos from multiple angles views. Move around the objects and capture all of the points.
  3. Let There Be Light: Capturing videos into good light areas will give you mind-blowing results. So, Avoid shadows, and over bright areas for your project. Try to record your videos in natural light.
  4. Turn Off The Extras: When You are going to capture the 2D videos to transform them into a 3D masterpiece scene, then Disable Video Stabilization and HDR, because These features can interfere with the processing By Luma AI.

Perfect Cameras Settings

  1. Steady Cam: To get beat results from the Luma AI APK powerful AI Tools, Always disable video stabilization while capturing.
  2. Fixed Exposure: A simple setting works best in all of the cases while capturing videos to turn them into 3D scenes. While Multiple exposures can be more beneficial while shooting in outdoor areas.
  3. High Definition: The Luma AI allows you to record your videos in 4K quality to get the best results, and turn them into stunning 3D drone footage.

Additional Tips

  1. Focused On Medium-Size Objects: Luma AI is highly advanced containing powerful AI Tools already mentioned in their guides to always focus on medium-size objects to get stunning results.
  2. Keep It Clear: Before going to record Videos, Always clean your Android and iOS mobile phone camera areas to get crystal clear captured images.
  3. Look The Background: Avoid capturing videos where many people are moving in the background or even objects because Luma AI can try to remove them from your recorded videos, and It might affect your whole Scene.

For more advanced experience, Try to Capture videos from different angles, and heights to get the desired results. By following the above guides, You can record high-resolution videos. After that, Luma AI magic begins, Where It will work on various aspects to analyze the whole imported project and transform it into stunning 3D drone footage videos.


Luma AI changed the whole process of capturing stunning 3D Drone footage videos using its powerful AI Tools technique NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields). From its easy-to-use navigation, and settings, to its user-friendly Interface, and text-to-video features to convert 2D videos into stunning 3D scenes, It empowers all types of users whether you are a seasoned or newcomer in this Field. Now, it is time to unlock the full potential of the digital world using the Luma AI APK on your Android and iOS mobile phone screen.

In this article, We have shared detailed information about Luma AI including its features, How to access its latest version of the app, How to use it, a step-by-step guide to Download Luma AI APK For Android, and iOS, Pros and Cons, and In last, Best tips to record videos for Luma AI. Go through all of the information, and Unleash your creativity using Luma AI’s powerful tools features.

Becoming a pro to capture stunning 3D videos might take some time and practice because Unlocking your full potential in different creative realms is undeniable. From filmmakers to animation video producers, and advertisement videos for your company to social media content creations, Luma AI eliminates all of the barriers, and Unlock a wide library of access to its Innovative possibilities.

So, Download The Luma AI APK Latest Version Free For Android and iOS, and Unleash your Innovative creativity Ideas into masterpiece 3D drone footage videos.


How To Download Luma AI APK For Android?

You can download Luma AI APK Latest new version for Android from website.

What is the latest version of It?

The latest version of Luma AI APK is 2.1.

Is Luma AI APK Safe To Use?

Yes, The latest new version of Luma AI APK is 100% safe to use?

How Luma AI is Different from Others?

The Luma AI offers users to capture 2D Videos on their Android, and iOS Phone, and Import it to their server, and after that, Convert that videos into stunning 3D Drone footage scene without any costly equipment.

What is Luma AI Mod APK?

The Luma AI Mod APK is a android application, developed by third-party websites to help those users who want to use the VIP Premium Pro features of the AI tools for free on their mobile screen.

What Is The Size Of Luma AI APK?

The latest new version size of Luma AI APK is 5 MB Only.

Is Luma AI App Available On Google Play Store?

Yes, It is recently released for Android mobile users. Also, You can download from the Google Play Store.