Luma AI APK – Download For Android [Free] Latest Version 2.0


Are you having trouble creating perfect drone shots videos? Then, Don’t worry. Luma AI App is going to make your work more simple. It is a powerful tool that works on the NerF technique (Neural Radiance Fields) and will easily convert your simple videos into 3D drone shots. So, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Luma AI APK For Android (Mod/Premium Unlocked) and Unleash Your creativity now.

Luma AI APK – Download For Android Free Latest v2.0

In today’s era, humans have evolved so much that our month’s work starts getting done in weeks, weeks’ work in days, and it is possible today to get both jobs done in a few minutes. Nevertheless, the prevalence of AI has increased a lot. Till now, people have been able to act based on work successfully, but since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the world has almost turned upside down. Its various examples are Chat GPT, Bard AI, and the Luma AI APK text-to-video drone shots maker.

These models are extremely capable of reducing the hard work done by humans, and in today’s specific article, readers will learn about the latest launched AI among these. You will learn about the model, namely the Luma AI APK app.

Brief Overview Of Luma AI APK: Drone Shots Maker

Luma Lab is a company that keeps publishing technology-based innovations. The Luma AI application launched by this company is very much discussed today. There are many reasons for the same, but the main reason for this is being claimed that with the help of the Luma application, a user can create 3D animation without any software and hardcore devices, instead, in their mobile phone with the help of just a prompt (a prompt is a message that is given to the AI model to fetch an output).

In the last few years, animation has been used in various fields, especially in any topic. Apart from this, 3D animation proves to be very useful in presentation. Overall, 3D animation has always been a revolutionary item in this world. Although this 3D animation is prepared by computer, it also takes many days of time and hard work. But with the help of Luma AI, a new initiative of Luma AI APK Lab, all these things are about to end because now you can get your 3D model generated by just writing a sentence.

What is Luma AI APK?

Luma AI APK is a file designed for Android devices. Since APK is an extension of the Android device application, it can only be used on Android devices. 

Moreover, this article will provide all the features related to most of the AI platforms. Along with its features, readers will be able to discover the advantages, disadvantages, and ways to download it.

Unlock Features Of Luma AI APK

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Although Luma AI APK helps design 3D animation, especially with the help of this application, users will be able to readjust their videos, which will make their output look very impressive and realistic. Apart from all these, Luma AI APK has some features that are not provided even by any premium application.

Video Stabilization

Today features like video stabilization are seen only in premium Apps, but apart from phones, stabilization features are also seen emerging through software. There are many such software available that can offer video stabilization. Considering this, the developers of Luma AI APK have also introduced video stabilization features through their platform. If the object is not stable and the video is shot unstable, then the video can be automatically stabilized.

Drone Shots Maker

The most unique feature of Luma AI APK is its Augmented Reality Option. Using this feature, a user can change the viewing angle of their video to a drone-captured angle. Whatever video a user has recorded, if they upload it to the Luma AI application and use the Augmented Reality option, the angle of their video will either move forward or come back, making that entire clip look like a drone-recorded clip.

Movement Adjustment

The features of video speed adjustment are generally seen in a video editing application. Still, since the Luma AI application provides features like video stabilization to users, its developers have also included the video speed adjustment option in its edition. It has been kept so that users can adjust the speed of their video while stabilizing it; with the help of this, there is no need to adjust the speed of their output again in any other application.

Different Ratio

Aspect ratio plays an important role in drone footage because it is a format that renders your video compatible with any smartphone.

The developers of Luma AI APK have created multiple options for aspect ratio, which users can select after uploading their video, and the output will also depend on the aspect ratio.

Adjust Camera

The Luma AI application has many options to convert your normal video into a drone-captured short clip, including customized camera movement. By using this feature, users can adjust the camera movement of their clip, which allows the angles of the clip to be changed in various ways, and the output is more likely to come out much better.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite providing so many features, the Luma AI APK application is very lightweight. It offers a smooth, user-friendly interface, allowing players to access the application without any error or lagging issues.

Luma AI APK Download For Android Latest Version

Luma AI APK is available as a special variant for Android, offering many features not present in the previous version of Luma AI. Therefore, users are requested to consider downloading the latest version of the Luma AI application. In the latest version, Luma AI APK is full of new features created by its developers. Now, you can learn how to download the latest version of the Luma AI APK for Android through the points mentioned below.

Steps To Download Luma AI APK Latest Version

  • Readers will have to first click on the download button
  • Now, you will be redirected to your browser, where you must download the APK file.
  • After downloading, just verify whether it’s been completely downloaded
  • Now you can move towards the installation process of the Luma AI APK and later onto the tutorial to use it

Steps To Install Luma AI APK For Android Latest Version

  • After downloading, you will have to move to the file manager on your device
  • Now you have to access the download location and find the downloaded file.
  • After locating it, just click on it and then install
  • Soon, the Luma AI APK will be installed, and you can launch it and use it as mentioned below

How To Use Luma AI APK App?

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Although Luma AI APK offers a lot of features and there are different options in the application to access all the major features, still users may get confused after seeing multiple options, hence, by following the step-by-step guide below, a user can learn to access the Luma AI Apk very conveniently.

Step 1: Download and Launch The App

  • You will first have to access the APK.
  • To access it, you can download the application using the download procedure above.
  • After downloading, you have to install it and then launch it.
  • Once launched, you must sign up for the application using your Social ID.
  • After signing up, verify your email.
  • Now, the first step has been completed.

Step 2: Explore Tutorials

  • You have to click on the drop-down arrow at the top right of the screen.
  • Here, you will see multiple options.
  • Let’s say you have to create a 3d model, so click on Genie – text to 3d
  • After clicking on it, you have to enter a prompt
  • Suppose you have to generate a 3d model of a landing airplane; so just input the text “a 3d model of landing airplane during sunrise.
  • Soon, the output will be prepared and available there.
  • Now, you can use this model for your purposes.

Step 3: Drone Shots creation

  • You have to open the app and click on the drop-down arrow once more
  • Now you have to click on interactive scenes
  • You have to now click on upload and choose files
  • You will now be redirected to the file manager, from where you have to select the media file that you want to proceed with
  • After capturing them, please select at least 10 images of any object or scenario from different angles.
  • After selecting, enter a title and type of camera angle or leave it normal
  • Now you have to click on upload.
  • Soon, it will be uploaded, and you will be redirected to a new page.
  • The file will start processing, which will take some time, and the output will be ready there.
  • Now, your model has been ready to be explored as a drone view clip.

Luma AI: How-to Use Guide

Pros and Cons Of Luma AI APK

Luma AI APK offers you so many features that perhaps no other similar application can offer today, but apart from all these, there are different advantages and disadvantages of using Luma AI in Android. Users will be able to take a look at the advantages of Luma AI APK in the following section.

Pros Of Luma AI APK

  • Luma AI is the only application that allows users to create excellent, lifelike 3D images and enhance videos using the Neural Radius Technique.
  • This AI Application offers many photo-realistic options for users to inject details into their photos.
  • Luma AI is an application that provides all the premium features in an application format for which users require software and hardware.
  • The App offers many 3D applications such as VFX, VR, and more.
  • This application gets updated regularly, allowing a user to access new features that are getting advanced daily.

Cons Of Luma AI APK

Now after so many advantages, comes the turn of disadvantages that a user may have to face if they want to use Luma AI APK.

  • Luma AI’s processing is still simplified, which means it cannot be given complex tasks.
  • The application is still in its launching phase, due to which many limitations have been imposed. At the same time, different types of new bugs are also seen every day.
  • Since Luma AI is not yet available in official stores, it is not yet confirmed whether all the scenarios and assets in the Luma AI application are licensed or noncopyrighted. If not, there may be certain restrictions on the application.
  • Because Luma AI is an online processing application, users have to first upload their media on Luma AI’s server. Only then will their videos be processed, as their privacy is lost. Thus, the chances of videos being private are very low.
  • To access the API service of Luma AI APK, users have to pay, which is one of its disadvantages.

Future Of Luma AI APK Latest Version

The application offers many such features to the users, which even some of the finest software and hardware fail to provide. In such a situation, Luma AI can prove to be a very effective and helpful application. Although many such applications may come in the future, if Luma AI starts launching premium features from now on, then it will keep expanding and in the future, Luma AI Application may perhaps emerge as a brand.

How To Access Luma AI Premium Subscriptions?

It also offers a VIP/Premium subscription for which a user has to pay. These days, no user is willing to pay for anything new, so to support them, advance subscriptions to these applications can be accessed for free through many methods. A user can access the advanced subscription of Luma AI for free by following the following step-by-step guide.

  • Users must first uninstall the existing Luma AI APK from their devices.
  • After installation, you will have to go to your browser
  • From there, you have to search for Luma AI APK Mod Application
  • You now have to access any reputable website.
  • After going to the website, you will have to read the features of the mod apk
  • You can download the application from there if it consists of unlocking the subscription plan.
  • Once downloaded, you can follow the steps to install and steps to use as mentioned above in this article.


Luma AI application offers many premium features to the users, which they should use as it will probably help a lot in reducing their work time. All readers will have been able to learn basic and advanced details about Luma AI APK through this article, and hopefully, all this will be useful for them. Apart from that, please make sure to be connected for more technical updates.


How To Download Luma AI APK?

You can download the new version of the Luma AI APK from the official website.

Can we make drone videos by it?

Yes, you can easily make drone-shot videos with the Luma AI APK App, which has the Nerf technique, which helps you to easily create 3D Videos.

What is Luma AI Mod APK?

The Luma AI Mod APK is a modified version of the application that allows you to access its premium features for free without any ads.

Is It Safe to use?

Yes, The Luma AI APK Safe to use and download for Android.

Can we use Luma AI App On Pc?

Yes, You can easily use the Luma AI App from its web version on PC.